This page shows actual images of the interior of my residence... here's where you can see some of my art collection as it usually appears (as opposed to set up for a photograph).


left to right:

Sidney R. Hutter: Solid Vase Form #72
Richard Stenhouse: Huntington Beach: Spring 2001, #1
Bob Rankin: Obelisk
Willard Bond: Rounding The Leeward Mark
Bruce M. Williamson: Polar Bears On Ice Floe
Mayme Kratz: Notes On Truth #5
Josh Simpson: Dark Persephone
Sonja Blomdahl: B199, B100, and B101
Mark Morris: Camera Shy
Harvey K. Littleton: Blue / Yellow Vertical Arc


on shelves, top to bottom, left to right:

Josh Simpson: Grey Vase
Stephen Gleasner: Night On Clouds
John Littleton and Kate Vogel: Acro Bags
Toots Zynsky: Bisbiglio
Lino Tagliapietra: Chasing
Sonja Blomdahl: B102
Toshio Iezumi: F.020999
Josh Simpson: Inhabited Planet, Black New Mexico Vase, Microplanet, Gravitron, AP 95.05, and Mars Prototype
Clay Johanson: @Simpson 1 and @Littleton/Vogel 1
Michael Trimpol: Bubbleweight
Nadège Desgenétez: Two-Tone Vase
Tobias Møhl: Konkylie (Conch Bowl)
Dick Huss: White Opal Gold Leaf Bowl
Josh Simpson: Iridescent New Mexico Vase
Benjamin Moore: Uranium Yellow Interior Fold
Natalie Warrens: Large Bowl
Josh Simpson: New Mexico Plate

on wall, left to right:

Wolf Kahn: Acacia (Namibia)
Bob Rankin: Big Blue (above Runco 50" plasma TV)
Ernesto Berra: Muro Azul / Rosa Rojo
Bob Rankin: Anderson Ranch

on pedestals, left to right:

Martin Rosol: Open Plan XV
Colin Reid: Blue Block
Preston Singletary: Soul Catcher
Rick Beck: Medium Casting (below Soul Catcher)
Sonja Blomdahl: B103 (below Soul Catcher)
Dale Chihuly: Cirrus White Basket Set with Lamp Black Lip Wrap


left to right:

Harvey K. Littleton: Blue/Yellow Vertical Arc
Josh Simpson: Dark Persephone
Thomas McNickle: Winter Shadows From The Hilltop

on shelves, top to bottom, left to right:

Benjamin Edols and Kathy Elliott: Black Reticello Crease
Sonja Blomdahl: B104
Josh Simpson: New Mexico Vase
Mel Munsen: Black Murrine Bowl with Teal Rim
Toots Zynsky: Settling Serena
John Littleton and Kate Vogel: Bag Explosion
Steven Weinberg: Sydney's Boat
various small works

on dining room table:

Jon Kuhn: Roman Blue

on wall, right of the door:

Richard Stenhouse: The Forbidden Room

in office:

Jon Kuhn: Winds So Blue
Robert Irwin: Red, White, and Blue II

on counter:

Ikuzi Teraki: Carved Plate


left to right:

Dale Chihuly: Royal Blue and Red Basket Set with Black Lip Wraps
Bob Rankin: What's the Point?, Rankinsky's Pick-Up Sticks, Blue Mesa, and Meandering Square
David Huchthausen: Polar Sequence DRH97PS
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