Last updated: 2 August 2009

This is a listing of all of the DVDs in my collection. In the table:
  • Video refers to the aspect ratio used to encode the DVD... 16:9 is the preferred aspect ratio for movies. Some DVDs aren't available that way, unfortunately... most TV shows are not encoded in 16:9.
  • Audio refers to the most advanced audio encoding available on that particular DVD. DTS is more advanced than anything from Dolby (in my opinion).
  • Notes refers to anything special about the DVD. "Flipper" means that the DVD has content on both sides and must be flipped in order to play the entire disc... flippers can't be used in DVD changers for this reason.
  • Changer? simply answers the question: Is the DVD stored in my Sony DVD changer? If so, I can access the DVD when I'm away from home by using my Sony LocationFree TV. If it's NOT in the changer, I can't access it unless I'm at home.
  • Slots refers to which slots in the DVD changer are used by the DVD (or set of DVDs).