A picture of Lino and myself at William Traver Gallery, Seattle, Washington, 7 August 2000. Here we are standing in front of Lino's awesome work Concerto di Primavera, which is a huge custom steel and glass table topped with sixteen of his works.

Here you see Bill Traver, myself, Lino, and Lino's wife Lina, all standing in front of Concerto di Primavera. The picture was taken by Dan Kany.

My copy of Lino's monograph Tagliapietra: A Venetian Glass Maestro.

Lino's autograph on the title page. It reads "To Clay, Lino Tagliapietra, Seattle, 8.7.2000".

Page 92 of the monograph shows Lino's work Chasing, which is in my collection, as well as Donna Senza LibertÓ. Lino told me that Chasing is pretty much a one-of-a-kind work, in that he has not and does not plan to create any similar works.
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